Food designed to impress

ONTHEMARC Events offers a wide array of innovative dishes. Feel free to browse below

Drinks & Cocktails

Our beverage manager will work with you to design a custom, delicious cocktail for your event, which is included in all of the ONTHEMARC bar packages.

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Hors D'Oeuvres

Passed Hors D’oeuvres allow us to create fun eye-catching bites and serve them to guests at their peak. Everything — we mean everything — is handmade, on site, from only the best seasonal ingredients.

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Cocktail Stations

Taco bars, Tartare to Order, Bhutanese Rice Bowls, and cocktail stations are fun, theme-driven, easy-to-eat concepts that fortify any cocktail hour. We try to make our stations experiential and interactive to keep guests talking long after the music is turned off.

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Dinner Stations

At the ONTHEMARC we pride ourself in buffets that actually taste good. Our buffets are artistically displayed on wood, lucite, china, and acrylic platters and we make sure to consider keeping hot food hot and cold food cold

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Plated Dinner

ONTHEMARC plated dinners are an elegant version of the traditional dining style. You build the menu and ONTHEMARC handcrafts your choices, serving each guest at their seat.

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Mobile Fare

Similar to the Spanish-themed tapas, guests enjoy the opportunity to try lots of dishes and leave feeling full and satisfied. Portability, presentation, execution, and consumption are all top priorities when going with passed small plates.

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Family Style Dinner

Combining casual with class, ONTHEMARC’s family-style dinner is the modern way to dine. Guest interaction is this option’s most notable feature: each course comes in an integrated presentation down a table at which guests are seated, facilitating communication and cooperation.

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Passed & Plated Desserts

Similar to passed hors d’oeuvres, passed desserts are assembled on-site and brought immediately to each guest. Passed desserts are bite-size interpretations of a larger dessert.

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Dessert Stations & Cakes

Designer cakes and dessert stations infused with your favorite tastes & textures. Provide the inspiration let us make it special. Whether it’s preassembled or build-your-own, ONTHEMARC desserts are sure to be an unforgettable experience for your guests.

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Barbecues, Clam Bakes & Pizza

Everyone loves a great barbecue! We apply our passion to classic favorites like mac n’cheese, burgers, and summer salads. We check in with local farms and purveyors and take advantage of the summer bounty.

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Brunch & Lunch

ONTHEMARC will turn the boring pre or post event brunch into an experience to remember. Guests may start with unique dishes like lemon ricotta pancakes, and gougères of dill-scented whitefish, then move on to lucite bagel peg boards and fresh seasonal salads.

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